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2.25% APR Santander Pensioner Mortgages Over 60 No Advisor Fees

Santander Pensioner Mortgages UK


Typical Santander Pensioner Mortgages example case

Property valuation:  £250,000

Initial loan:  £162,500

Monthly payment:  £304.69

Interest rate:  2.25% APR

Loan to value:  65%


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Lifetime Mortgages


What are Santander interest rates for pensioner mortgages?

Santander rates for pensioner mortgages are 2.25% APR.

Does Santander have favourable reviews for pensioner mortgages?

Yes, Santander reviews are commendable for pensioner mortgages.

Does the Santander pensioner mortgages calculator show the loan to value (ltv)?

Yes, the Santander Pensioner Mortgages calculator shows the favourable loan to value (ltv) of 65%.

Does a Santander pensioner mortgages advisor charge a big fee?

No, Santander Pensioner Mortgages advisors are free.

Some of the most common pensioner loan products include Lloyds Bank mortgages over 65, Barclays retirement interest-only mortgages, Post Office equity release schemes, L&G interest only mortgages for over 60s near London and Nationwide BS later life interest only mortgages.

Popular loan to value percentage ratios of Lloyds Bank interest only mortgages for over 65-year-olds, Barclays Bank pensioner mortgages over 70s, Natwest retirement interest only mortgages over 60, Legal and General mortgages over 65, RBS pensioner mortgages over 70s and Nationwide Building Society over 60 lifetime mortgages are 45%, 60% and 70%.

Popular loan to value percentages of Liverpool Victoria mortgages for 60-year-olds, More to Life mortgages for over 65, One Family mortgages for people over 50, Yorkshire Building Society interest only retirement mortgages for over 70s, Principality Building Society pensioner mortgages over 60 and SunLife pensioner mortgages over 55 are 45%, 60% and 65%.

Popular loan to value ratios of Standard Chartered retirement interest-only mortgages over 60, Direct Line lifetime mortgages for over 55s, Sainsbury’s interest-only mortgages for over 60s, Skipton Building Society interest only mortgages for over 70s, Newcastle Building Society pensioner mortgages over 60 and Progressive Building Society later life interest-only mortgages over 70 are 35%, 60% and 70%.

Hard to mortgage home variants include properties in the course of construction or pre-construction, properties where the owner is set up on a tenancy in common basis, leasehold properties subject to a lease length of 160 years, properties which are made up of multiple titles and properties where the borrower(s) own the freehold with any connected party.

Hard to finance home types can include timber-framed properties built before 1920, properties with single skin brickwork where the single skin comprises more than 20% of the surface area of the external walls, privately developed flats, maximum four storeys with a lift, coach houses i.e. freehold properties with garages beneath and basement or lower ground floor flats without level access to private or communal garden space.

Tough to finance home variants can include properties with outbuildings used for normal domestic purposes, properties with flying or creeping freehold which comprises 15% or less of the total floor area, properties without direct access to an adopted highway or which are accessed over an unmade road, properties that have solar farms or a large number of wind turbines on the land and properties that have a private water supply provided a contract is in place with an approved maintenance company for regular testing and maintenance.

Challenging to finance property variants include properties will be assessed for flood risk, leasehold properties with a short lease, typically less than 70 years, or a defective lease, some properties with sitting tenants or regulated tenancies, cob property and properties that has never been registered with the land registry.

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