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What are the types of equity release?

All equity release deals rely on the value of your home.  How much you could release can be found out with an equity release calculator.  Many lenders will find out your property value with a free valuation.  Many types of equity release involve no monthly repayments and releasing equity can be a great way to pay off your existing mortgage.  The form of equity release you should consider is a lifetime mortgage that will last the rest of your life.

Equity release mortgages use the market value of your home so you can access lump sums plus a cash reserve to supplement your state benefits.  You can help your loved ones buy a home before property prices increase further.  Some offers have no arrangement fees and are close to the Bank of England base rate.

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A good equity release provider will commit to the no negative equity guarantee.

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Retirement Mortgage based on the value of your home

The minimum age is aged 55 to get a good rate on equity release plan from your home, where you borrow money and don’t make repayments. Even after 20 years, the overall cost can be offset by the house price appreciation. This should be part of your retirement planning if you can meet the lending criteria.

Some lifetime mortgage interest rates are going up, and you don’t want to pay interest you don’t have to.  A drawdown lifetime mortgage can also be a good option depending on the value of your home.    The good news is when you borrow money secured on your home, the rates are very low with a flexible lifetime mortgage, later life mortgage options or other lifetime mortgage products.

The costs can be:

  • advice fee
  • voluntary payments
  • completion fee
  • arrangement fee
  • flexible repayments
  • rolled up interest
  • existing mortgage
  • pay inheritance tax
  • mortgage payments
  • interest roll up
  • interest charged
  • initial amount
  • paying off your mortgage left


A lifetime mortgage could be part of some very savvy retirement planning or tax planning. The total loan is repaid when you die from the sale of your home, but the total loan amount can go up over time due to compound interest.

With most later life lending products you don’t need to make monthly payments and you have to pay off the existing lender. Because of the nature of the product, most lifetime mortgages have fixed interest rates and no regular payments are needed.

You should get a personalised illustration of what interest is charged, the impact of any medical conditions, the affect your tax position, the availability of a fixed interest rate and what happens if you pay the loan early.

You need to be cautious if you currently get council tax benefit or pension credit as you might not be able to qualify for it after you get the one lump sum interest only mortgage long term loan.